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Entertainment Resume

Billy Douglas Steeves

Barrel chested, 5’10, 225 lbs., Brown Hair, New York Tenor

Contact Cell; (603)-233-6869 ---- email: William.steeves@hotmail.com

Theatre Experience

Hot Buttons (Original Cast) – Derek Dimp/ Captain Helium – Milford Area Players

Saint Peter / Pontius Pilate - Last Days of Judas Iscariot - Pheonix Theatre Nashua

King Maximillian - Cinderella - Peacock Players

Lord Capulet – Romeo & Juliet – Peacock Players

Father Christmas – Narnia - Peacock Players

Mr. Fezziwig/ Charitable Gentleman #2 - A Christmas Carol – Peacock Players

Joe Beverly, the baker - Flowers for Algernon – Peacock Players

Jesus - Godspell –- Merrimack Theatre Program

Thenardier - Les Miserables - Palace Youth Theatre

Dr. Phillips - The Insanity of Mary Girard – NHETG

Nicely Nicely Johnson – Guys & Dolls – Merrimack Theatre Program


Pie Festival – Billy – Directed by John Hardwick – NHETG/ Merrimack Theatre Program

Pie and Festival – Billy - Directed by John Hardwick – NHETG/ Merrimack Theatre Program

Ted – Background work – Boston Casting

The Social Network – Background work – Boston Casting


American Idol - Contestant - Gillete Stadium- ep. Boston - Fall 2013

The Voice - Contestant – ep. New Jersey- Summer 2012

The X-Factor – Contestant – ep. Providence – Spring 2012


Lowell Folk Fest – Folk & Rage Festival – Blue Mermaid - V1 Events

Toured Jesus Christ Superstar with local indie band Zanois – Judas/ Caiaphas – Easter ‘12

Writes and records avante garde acoustic folk rock.

Night Drives- Original 21 track demo - released Aug. ‘13

Many hours busking on the streets of Boston, New York and Los Angeles from ’09-‘12

Toured bars, coffee shops and open mic’s playing my repertoire for years.

Rockn' Ribfest Teen Band Competition ‘07 as Myself Falling Sideways

TRAINING & Education

Peacock Player, Young Company, Organized Chaos member for 10 years at Peacock Players

Attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Manhattan, Studio Program Subjects studied; Theatre History, Shakespeare, Modern plays, Method, Voice Production and Speech, Acting for film, singing, scene studies and Stage Combat.

Taught theatre through games and music to “at risk” youths ages 5-15 through The Acting Loft in 2011




Almost Lovers Almost Strangers

 by Billy Steeves

1. That's What She Said

(One evening at the local library, a Boy is waiting for a Girl. She sneaks up on hiim from behind. She screams boo, he jumps 3 feet, they both get shooshed by a passing librarian.)

G: (laughing, to librarian) Sorry! (then to Boy) Well hello, good sir!!




B: Lolita! Hello, my deary (smiles)




G: (unpacking her bookbag next to him) I remember that project you were talking about! What was your question though?




B: I was just writing you a valentines day poem as we speak.




G: Haha, oh Lord. Should I be scared?




B: No. My question is, like what was the name of the project. (beat) I did 2Pac, if you recall.




G: Hahaha, no I don't remember but now I'm impressed!




B: We had to, like, imitate the style of writing? A Mimic poem? A mirror poem? Like, I wrote a poem in the style of and inspired by 2Pac... You had some older poet like, Agatha Christie.




G: (looking in a book) Imitation poem?




B: Mhm (G hands B the open book) Excellent. Well... I wrote an imitation poem all about you. (beat) Because your loveliness is enchanting... and I've always thought so.




G: Ha, you make me smile. ... I must have made an impact on you, I don't know how.




B: Haha, you were just so sweet and a tad mysterious. And you thought i was like, a tad mysterious. Which made me feel mysterious.








B: And no one has ever made me feel that way except for you.




G: And ... badass? But really nice and sweet at the same time.




B: See, like... it's the things you say back to me that really get me all fired up about you.




G: You're like the guy who rides a motorcycle and has tattoos, but has a heart of gold under his leather jacket.




B: I wear a leather jacket now. I want a tattoo. Though i can't really spell it of my own accord.




G: Forgiven






B: Well... ya, so i'm going to give you my imitation poem and then we can talk about it please?




G: Haha, awesome. ... Is it gonna be like that time you asked me to review a poem you wrote about a bitch and later revealed the poem to be about Zoey Rothstein?




B: Haha, oh Zoey. No. This is much better.








B: Think def poetry jam. Do you want me to bend it in half or through it at you or paper plane a message or a note hidden in some oragami or what?




G: (bemused) Paper Plane Message please




B: Mmmmmmmk. ( he stands, smiles and winks as he says) Brb. (turns around to the paper shelf, with his poem in hand he begins to fold it up. Feel free to use some tape if need be.)




G: (while B is still making the plane) I'm nervous!




B: (back turned) I've got you where I want you then i suppose. (he's finished. Turns around with plane and takes his time saying) Cristina... Whenever i make you nervous...you also get like exciting. And it excites me. (Cristina smiles) One sec, let me tape the poem to the plane. (B tapes the smaller piece of paper with the poem on it to the paper plane. He then throws the plane across the room and it hits Cristina [in the head or the chest, hopefully] and she laughs it off and starts reading as B says) So ya, when I posted on your wall I was trying to think of that phrase for the project I undertook. There's this excerpt from the novel 'Lolita'. (beat) I will now forever know the term imitation poem...




G: (playfully aloud)


Cristina On A Softly Rocking Boat


by Douglas Williams




Sitting in the lazy boy in the basement of Uncle Rich's. Dozing off.


Listening to Hands…. Dreaming about


Cristina. Cristina. Cristina Sanchez.. Cristina Williams. Cristina Sanchez-Williams.


The unattainable... beauty.


The intriguing, intoxicating, enchanting girl


I've admired for so many years.




Flirting in my super-senior Creative Writing class.


Exposing her to Josh Homme. Exposing her to Queens Of The Stone Age!


Exposing her... to This Lullaby.


Memorizing her smile.. How her eyes wrinkle slightly.


Reminiscing about her scent. Longing to hold her




Dreaming. Wishing. Wanting.


Trying to put away my obvious smile.


These lips don't want to go anywhere but her mouth.


That long, long first kiss.


Those lips I can already feel.




Crazy Cristina. Smarty Pants. Super Cutey. Brunette Bombshell.


Space Cadet. 1 in a Million. 999,999. A charm.


An enchantment. An attraction. Knives out. I want her to know.




She knows. She's exhilarated.


I excite her. I worry her. I intrigue her.


I want her. She?


She thinks about me. Never Say Never




with love


and from yours truly


♥Heart Magic Man


(long Beat)




B: Hmm... that is a little intense. (beat. then, playfully) I hope you just melt. (beat. Then laughing uncomfortably) CRISTINA!




G: Excuse me if I'm slow to speak ... my hands are shaking. (beat) My heart is pounding.




B: Um, are you serious?




G: Well, I didn't know you felt that way




B: I do. (they share a brief, intense gaze into one another's eyes.) What did you think of the poem?




G: I thought it was beautiful. It scares me. But it's kind of ... a good scare?




B: You're so beautiful, Cristina.




G: Dougyyyy




B: You're the only girl I ever fell in love with from a far away distance... but still up close. (beat) But hey, that was years ago. i just really, really like you now.




G: I know what you mean. But here's the thing...




B: (talking over to her, crossing) I'm only an arms length away.




G: I want to ... enable you? But I have to know...




B: Enable me? hahaha




G: You and Britney?? She's awesome. But I don't want to be "that girl". Do you understand?




B: Britney and I aren't dating. You have to understand. She's just... someone who will always be there for me… but, we're not together. We want to be with other people. Other people like you. (pause) Cristina, I saw you in the parking lot of the high school before we ever talked in class. And I said to Annie, "Who's that?" She says Oh that's Cristina. I say, "Wow."…. And I was just amazed sitting literally right next to me later that week and come to find out that you're this incredible personality with a huge heart and… and smart as a whip wit and just nervous, uh, I mean, gorgeous. (pause) I want to be intimate with you, Cristina. I've wanted to just hold you and watch a movie since the moment I saw you all those years ago






G: Holy shit.




B: SO... now you know. That's why i''ve always tried to keep touch. Even when I could never talk to you, I would still try. I feel like LOST love with you... like we loved each other on the island in another life. (pause) Ok, maybe that's a bit much. (beat) I'm being ridiculous. (short pause) PLEAASEEE say something!




G: I'm in shock. Gimme' a sec. (sec) I know that's a weird analogy, but it makes a lot of sense. I think you and I would have been really great together but we kept passing each other. Passing each other in time and space. Different years, different schools, different states. When I as a junior in high school, I was too scared to "go for it," you know? I think I missed an opportunity and I worry it's too late now




B: We're so young, Crissy. Yes, we're both in school now and at different points in oour lives, i get that.' Tomorrow goes for a long time, though. We have the rest of your lives in front of us. (pause) You're titillating is what you are!




G: I'd like to think, one day we'll make it back to the island, you know? But it can't be today and it can't be this week and it can't be until I know I'm not "home-wrecking" your relationship with Britney. Because I could never do that to her.




B: Ya. Britney and I have something special. But, i did explain our situation. We have love for one another. But she wants to find someone nice at her college to be with. And one day Britney and I could be together again... but like...




G: I'm not saying, Dougy, I can't be with you until you get rid of Britney. Not at all. I know you two will forever love each other.




B: haha, yeah. (switching gears) I just want to kiss you before I get on that plane. It's stupid and crazy and almost impossible.




G: Okay, can I just tell you? I know this is really uncool of me to say ... but any boy that uses a LOST analogy to express his feelings is a god in my book.




B: But it is not really uncool. That pretty much almost gave me wood (laughs). But you say amazing things like that all the freaking time.




G: Haha, I wonder how many couples have used LOST as a role play plot...




B: You just turn me on like no one ever has. (Doug’s eyes glaze over with a look of bliss, love and nostalgia.)




G: Are you sure it's not just in your head? I mean, we only knew-knew each other for a semester




B: (Lost in a cloud of the same.) Lost was the sexiest show that there ever done was, by the way. (Cristina smiles)




G: I know how I feel, but I worry you're getting ahead of yourself.




B: You know how you feel? You know how I fe- wait, you know how I fee- wait no, you said that you know how you feel? Are you seriously? I'm the one who wrote a freaking poem! I'm the one who remembers seeing you from a far before we even talked!




G: Yeah, that is pretty special.




B: I'm the one who sat in my uncles basement half asleep dream writing about you, imagining every descriptive detail i could.




G: But what if I'm just a projection of your imagination?




B: What, like a beautiful mind/? (Laughs. She's not amused. Doug Adjusts) No, i know what you mean. Like what if I’m putting you on a pedestal, right?




G: Exactly.




B: But you're wrong. Every fleeting comment that you direct in my direction turns me on. Every memory I cling to of our time together in class...every picture i see of you; like lightening down my spine!




G: You were born to be a musician. Damn, boy




B: You're brilliant and beautiful and I could treat you better than anyone else you could ever be with.




G: That's a beautiful promise. But we live so far away. I don't know what you want from me...




B: Your lips on mine.




(They kiss passionately)




G: (smiling) ha.




B: You said you know how you feel? Please... go on.




G: I'm not as good at expressing myself (That's why I'm a journalism major, obviously) But...




B: Yes




G: ...I think I want to get off that pedestal for a while. I like you, and you apparently like me a lot. And I'd like us to get to know each other again. We've only gotten back in touch recently and I want to ... reacquaint ourselves?


What do you say?




B: (Pause) I say that it's a great idea. (pause) I wish we were together. (embraces her) i wish we could be in the company of one another all the time.




G: I know. Me too.




B: (They kiss again.) No one has ever made me fell the way you doo though, Cristina. Saying your name even.




G: You're sweet. ... Unfortunately, I have to go now. (gathers stuff up quickly)So can we continue to get to know each other later?




B: Ok. You really make me feel like I was there. On the island.




G: You managed to distract me from homework for over an hour I believe. No boy has ever set a record like that with me. Congratulations.




B: (mock bowing) Thank you, thank you. (that same old brief intense stare from before.) I'm burning you 2 albums.




G: Hey, that reminds me; I always enjoy the music you send me, but because this rekindling is still fresh, can you be ... somewhat subtle? For the time being? There are a few people I worry it would upset.




B: Yes... subtlety.




G: Okay, thank you.




B: Not really my style, but I'll go for it.




G: Haha, I know it's not. It'll be a challenge Will you accept it?




B: The demon code prevents me from declining a rock-off challenge. Hahaha, if that's not the truth, i don't know what is




G: Haha, deal. Night, Dougy. (she smiles and looks down coyly. as she begins to walk away, she turns her head back to see what he's looking at. Dougy smiles. Cristina giggles and exits.)




B: (alone on stage.) what, Tact?


(lights fade)




2. This, I Know


(Lights up, Brannon FitzPatrick, alone in his apartment, waiting for Doug. There’s a knock at the door.)


Brannon: (crossing to answer) Who is it? (opens door, sees it’s Dougie, smiles)


Dougie: (in doorway) What’s up, Brannon?


B: Psh, same thing, different day, brother.


D: I hear that. (best friend secret handshake)


B: Ya, but yo, before we get down to bidness, I wanted to talk to you about something real.


D: Shoot.


B: Well, it’s like I said last week… except the exact opposite.


D: No comprende.


B: Dude! Ok, so, you know when you stayed over last week for four straight days?


D: No shit. Of course. But we talked a lot in those four days, Bran. The whole week was a blur.


B: Truth. You speak truth. You are true.


D: I still can’t believe we beat Grand Theft Auto 4 in two days.


B: Well… coke helps.


D: (laughs) Ya, blunts do too!


B: Jennie. Drinks. Music. It was great.


D: Bro, you’re a bro, bro.


B: This, I know.


D: Seriously, man. You’re me best friend.


B: I’m your best friend?


D: Saved my ass more times… you’re the blizzard wizard.


B: You are truthful. You’re the truth, and I appreciate that.


D: Man, you don’t even know.


B: I don’t know?


D: You don’t.


B: Oh, I know. I know FO sho. Dude, but seriously…


D: Ya?


B: Now listen, I’m seriously now.


D: (laughs) Ya, alright.


B: Dude… I know about you and Ashley.




D: (stumbling) Dude… I… wait… that’s like-


B: It’s like, shit, Dougie.


D: Dude, I can expla-


B: Don’t you fucking say that you can explain! Don’t you fucking say that!




D: No, wait, at least let me know what you heard.


B: It doesn’t matter what I heard. All that matters is if I believe it. And I do. It rings true.


D: With you, everything rings true.


B: That’s true.


D: Dude!


B: What?


D: Dude, you literally just called me true.


B: (reflects) True Blue. Red Handed.


D: BRAN! Branny Boy. Raisin Oat Bran, Branny Baby!


B: Don’t you Branny Baby me! I want you to delete her.


D: Is that some Italian code you Mafia types use?


B: Yes. It is. Whack her.


D: Yeah, ok buddy.


B: Dude.


D Yeah, ok there Pal!


B: “If you do this thing for me, you’ll be a made guy!” How’s my Brando?


D: Truthfully?


B: (laughs) Ya, always.


D: It needs some work, Brannie.


B: Brando!


D: Brando baby!


B: Brando, baby! Yeah, dude, shit, damn, fuck, yeah. That reminds me… you’re a piece of shit.


D: Aw, Brando!!!


B: Don’t you fucking do that. You always do that.


D: What? What am I doing?


B: I’m legitimately upset and-


D: And I…


B: (frustrated) And you…


D: (imatating now) “And you”-


B: Dude, Shut up. Fuck you, you asshole.


D: B, what do you know?


B: Like… ARGH!


D: You just said a mouthful.


B: Eat shit, bro.


D: Not even if you paid me.


B: There you go. No, it’s ok. My emotions don’t matter. It’s not like I’m a real person or anything let alone your “best friend”. You’re right. Always the truth you speak.


D: Thank you, master Jedi.


B: I’m gonna kill you.


D: Personally or is my car gonna explode on my wedding day?


B: Figure of speech, my dude.


D: So to speak.


B: I should call my Uncle Pauly.


D: Please don’t.


B: Break your legs.


D: (as if scolding a pet) No.


B: Rough you up.


D: No touching of the hair or face.


B: You are just like Brick Tamblin.


D: You’re just like Vince Vaughn.


B: Dude, did’ya see Swingers?


D: Only real men have.


B: Only steers and queers come from Texas..


D: Real cheese matters.


B: Get your own box.




D: That slogan is an apt metaphor for our little situation we got going here.


B: Well, I should expect things like this when I call Mr. Steal Your Girl my best friend.


D: Dude, you just passed the friendship test.


B: (indulging him) The friendship test?


D: (as Jables) What happened before when I said I love you, that was a test, Because, aw man, I coulda made a total ass of myself if I hadn’t done this test on you, the friendship test. WooHOO!


B: (rage cage) You mean… you don’t really love me?


D: Dude… you fucking passed the test. But BARELY. You know what you got?


B: What I get?


D: F Plusk!


Together: CLICK!


[long beat]


B: I really am mad at you, though.


D: Dude… nothing happened.


B: You’re lying.


D: On my mother’s eyes!


B: Fight Club. Nice.


D: My meant was sent. Thanks, I try.


B: I know. That’s your story, always trying.. You broke my heart, Fredo.


D: I think I can. I think I can!


B: Enough with the quotes, you Google Search Engine!


D: I think therefore I am!


B: You. Suck.


D: Hell is… other people!


B: Can I shut you up with my big ol’ Daddy dick???


D: Keep runnin’ your mouth and I’ma stick my dick in it.


B: Hood rat, hood rat! Hoochie Mama! Speaking of Ashley!


D: Dude, that girl was a HO. Fo sho.


B: If you put it in there, then it’s fair game for anyone who wants to eat it. (Laughs) One more.


D: Oooo, last one.


B: Make it count.


D: Greg The Bunny? No, too easy.


B: Soylent Green….. IS PEOPLE!




B: Rosebud. (takes a big rip from the bong and mock dies while he drops lighter on floor)


[long beat]


D: I’m sorry.


B: I know.


D: I’m a fuck up.


B: If I was half as smart as you, I’d be as half as smart as me.


D: If I were you, then you’d be me, and I use your body to get to the mountain!


B: Ace Ventura?


D: When nature calls.


B: Another phrase that applies to our conundrum.


D: haha, I’m a slave to my emotions, I suppose.


B: Ya… ok.


D: We’re ok?


B: Dude, if this was a scale of Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Don’t Care, Agree, or Strongly Agree… I would strongly agree. I love you, man. You’re my dude.


D: You’re my Blizzard Wizard.


B: You’re my truth.


D: I didn’t fuck her. Like, we didn’t fuck.


B: Good. It’s be like throwing a hotdog down a hallsway anyways. (He actually says the line as written and laughs)


D: We didn’t even really hook up.


B: That’s bullshit.


D: no you’re bullshit


B:(mafia voice) Oh! Hey, oh! Look at this guy, ovah here! OH! Get outta here!!!!!


D: Fuhgedaboudit. I’m the truth, man


B: Oh. (switching gears. British accent) Right, oh right.  Well lets pack another bowl then, mate. Lad. Me boy.


D: Top o the mornin to you, guvnah!


B: Sweep yo chimney, I will, I will.


D: None shall pass.


B: What?


D: None shall pass.




D: Shut the fuck up, you weirdo!


(The two bro’s leave laughing… enjoying each others company)

Ball. Sack.


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